Friday, July 16, 2010

How to use ncftpget command to download files from remote server?


Please make it sure that ncftp has been installed on the destination server. check it out like :

root@mixstream [~]# which ncftpget
root@mixstream [~]# which ncftp
root@mixstream [~]#

If these are not there, please install it on the server.

Ref URL :

Now FTP to remote server to download files :

root@mixstream [~/migrated_via_ncftp]# ncftpget -T -R -v -u FTP_user -p FTP_PW IP_ADDRESS_of_remote_SERVER /root/migrated_via_ncftp /

Here : /root/migrated_via_ncftp is destination folder
/ is source folder
root@mixstream : Local machine

You can set it at screen:

Like :
1. #command : screen //Now execute this command.
2. now CTRL +A+D // to log out from screen
3. screen -ls //to see the session ID of the screen
4. To login into the screen : screen -r seesID
5. CTRL+D //to kill the screen and logout from there.

Try :)

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