Friday, January 23, 2015

Why inodes is almost full on file system?

Issue/Symptom  : dfm: Warning event on filer:/(Inodes Almost Full)
OS Environment : Netapp OnTAP 8.1
Software/Application : Netapp DFM[5] sends alert that inode is full.
Environment : Applicable to all customer who uses netapp filers
Investigation : Huge number of small files are put on volumes

Workaround Solution :

Check how is the usage of inodes : 

filer> df -i 

Check currently maximum setup :

filer> maxfiles 

Calculate maximum number of inodes it can hold [4KB size of each inode]

Find maximum size of volume :

filer> df -h  

If maximum size is  XY GB, then maximum supported inodes :

= (XY*1024*1024)/4

Set new inode value :

Permanent solution  : Same as workaround solution. 
Root Cause Analysis : No required, is known.

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