Friday, February 24, 2012

How to start apache uisng worker MPM?

■ Purpose : Start Apache using worker MPM
■ OS Environment : Linux[RHEL, Centos]
■ Application: httpd
■ Implementation Steps:

1. Check if apache is running with MPM :

$ /usr/sbin/apachectl -l

If it's seen that worker.c in the list of loaded modules, then Apache is running with worker MPM. If  it's seen prefork.c, then it is running as prefork.

2. To determine if apache has worker MPM compiled in:

$ /usr/sbin/httpd.worker -l

If it's seen worker.c in the list of compiled-in modules, Apache can run Worker MPM.

3. Un-Comment following line in /etc/sysconfig/httpd : 

HTTPD=/usr/sbin/httpd.worker in 

4. Restart httpd :

$ service httpd restart

Note : Please recompile php with thread-safe option(php still doesn't support worker MPM. It's required mod_fcgid ), else it will throw error.

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