Thursday, June 23, 2011

How to scan newly added LUN using ?

■ Requirement : scan LUN through HBA
■ OS Environment : Linux[RHEL 5.4 and later]
■ Application: scsi
■ Implementation Steps :

      Suggest you NOT to scan the existing LUNs since I/O operations are still in use and if you scan them it will/may corrupt the file system. So, I always suggest you to scan the new added device or storage. Once you add it, HBA will detect the device and then you can scan this non-existent LUNs to the HBA. As an example you can execute the command like :

script rescan-scsi-bus.h comes with RHEL.

Following command can be used :

$ --hosts=1 --luns=2

Note : I assume that on host 1/or on HBA 1, lun 2 doesn't exist.

For more details please get help from :

$ --help

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