Monday, May 16, 2011

Why did I see "cluster is not quorate. refusing connection" in log file.

■ Error : "cluster is not quorate. refusing connection"
■ OS Environment : Linux[RHEL, Centos]
■ Application: RH cluster
■ Fact  : 

   I was not sure why I got this error in the system log as quorate was enabled and working fine on non-firewalled machine where SELinux was also disabled. For the two node cluster, all the cluster.conf were same. One node was connected to the cluster and other didn't.

■  Resolution :

1. Make sure : chkcofing cman off; chkcofing clvmd off; chkcofing rgmanager off;
2. Make sure all cluster.conf fules are same.
3. Check if iptables are temporary off
4. Start cman, clvmd and rgmanager manually one by one
5. Reboot all nodes altogether or start cman altogether on all nodes.

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