Thursday, September 16, 2010

How to repair mysql database or tables of the database?


I usually use following command to repair all the tables of the databases of a user.

[root@server /var/lib/mysql]#for i in `ll |grep bigchakr|awk '{print $9}' |cut -d/ -f1`; do for j in `mysql -e "use $i; show tables;"|grep -v -`; do mysql -e "use $i; repair table $j;"; done done;

User : bigchakr, please replace this user. It'll repair all the tables of all the DB of that user.

You can use myisamchk command to repair the DB. Here is the comamnd :

[root@server /var/lib/mysql]# myisamchk -r /var/lib/mysql/bigchakr_content/*.MYI

Note : bigchakr_content is the name of the DB. You can use following command.

[root@server /var/lib/mysql]# for i in `ll |grep bigchakr|awk '{print $9}'`; do myisamchk -r $i/*.MYI ; done

I don't prefer myisamchk since sometime it doesn't give good results.

Try. :)


  1. Hi,

    I am not sure whether this will work because in /var/lib/mysql the ownership of databases will be mysql:mysql .So, will it possible to grep out with username?
    ll |grep bigchakr|awk '{print $9}'

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