Tuesday, August 31, 2010

How to migrate VPS container to another virtuozoo node?


I referred the following steps :

I executed following command from the old node :

[root@old_node ~]# vzmigrate IP_of_new_node 213:100

213 : CTID which will be moved to new node
100 : CTID which will be created on new node

It'll ask for the password of new node.

Here is the results :

[root@old_node~]# vzmigrate new_node_ip 213:100
root@new_node's password:
Connection to destination node (new_node) is successfully established
Moving/copying CT#213 -> CT#100, [], [] ...
Checking external bind mounts
Check cluster ID
Checking keep dir for private area copy
Checking SLM-only mode
Checking technologies
Checking disk usage space
Checking templates for CT
copy ez template area directories
copy /vz/template/centos/5/x86_64
Checking caches
Checking IP addresses on destination node
Check target CT name: clonedofvzold_node
Checking RATE parameters in config
Copy private area '/vz/private/213'
OfflineManagement CT#213 ...
vzctl : Running vzquota drop failed for Container 213 [11]
Successfully completed

Now assign new IP address for the CT 100 on new node by going at the network settings. Then restart the CT. You can now make multiple clone of this CT.

That's it. Try :)


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