Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Virtuzoo commands

[root@test /]#vzctl start/stop/restart 101 // start the VPS 101
[root@test /]#vzctl enter 101 // enter into 101 VPS
[root@101 /]#exit // log out from 101 VPS
[root@test /]#vzlist // display the list of active VPS’s
[root@test /]#vzlist -a // display the list of all VPS’s
[root@test /]#vzcalc -v 101 // show resources usage on VPS
[root@test /]#vzctl exec 101 df -m // execute commands against the VPS(in this case ‘df -m’)
[root@test /]#vzyum 101 -y install package // install package using yum on VPS
[root@test /]#vzrpm 101 -Uvh package // install package using rpm on VPS

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